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Marine Corps League Foundation and Uncommon Valor Scholarship Page.

What is the New York MCL Foundation?


The New York MCL Foundation is the non-profit 501(c)3 arm of the Marine Corps League Department of New York. All donations to the New York MCL Foundation are tax deductible. The Foundation serves two main purposes: First to fund the Department of New York "Uncommon Valor Scholarship Fund," and second, to provide a relief fund for department members in times of emergency and dire need. The New York MCL Foundation cannot be sustained without donations from the membership, and gifts from businesses, and people willing to support the Marine Corps League Department of New York.




The New York MCL Relief Fund


After the Binghamton Flooding the Department of New York recognized a need to assist members who suffered damage in the flooding. The New York MCL Foundation provided emergency assistance to those members and their neighbors who were victims of the flooding. Then again in 2012 Super Storm Sandy raked the northeast coast with one of the most devastating storm in years. Sandy left a tremendous amount of wreckage and carnage in its wake. This accented the need to establish a fund to assist our members on a larger scale. Since the storm, the foundation received numerous funds and "gifts in kind" from many kind people, businesses, and organizations. Marine Corps League detachments from around the nation made contributions to the fund. Funds collected provided food, clothing, demolition equipment and tools, generators, any many other much needed supplies.




"The Uncommon Valor Scholarship Fund."


The "Uncommon Valor Scholarship Fund" has been in existence for many years and has provided funds for deserving students each year since its inception. It is available for members of the Marine Corps League Department of New York and their children. It exists through donations from the membership. It order to maintain awards at the current level, it is necessary that detachments step up and help support the scholarship fund. Donations for the "Uncommon Valor Scholarship Fund" are earmarked solely for the scholarship fund, and are not used to assist in funding any other programs.




Donating to the New York MCL Foundation


Please consider a personal or detachment donation to the New York MCL Foundation. Checks can be made payable to the "New York MCL Foundation" and may be mailed to the Treasurer of the foundation at the addr4ss at the top of this page. Olease notate on your check whether or not you want the funds to go to the "Relief" Fund" or the "Uncommon Valor Scholarship Fund." checks without notations will be divided equally between both funds. You may also donate to the New York MCL Foundation online by clicking on the link below. Marines and friends, we need you help to sustain the Foundation. Please consider an annual donation in any amount to help us fund the foundation for future generations of Marines and their families.



Kenneth O'Brien


New York MCL Foundation, Inc.


Phone 917-842-8200




Thanks for your donation and kindness.







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