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Convention Update
Last week members of the Department of New York staff attended the Northeast Division Conference. That Conference was live streamed on the Department of Pennsylvania Facebook page. Sr. Vice Commandant Arcuri asked me if this is something that we can do for the Department of New York. My motto has always been "The Impossible We Do Immediately, Miracles Take Slightly Longer" 
The Department of New York will attempt its first Live Stream of the Department Convention. Please keep in mind the following:
1. This is a first attempt at this, so we may encounter some issues.
2. The bandwidth at the hotel is a factor in this equation.
3. I had about 3-4 days to obtain, configure the camera's and software.
4. and had to learn the software.
Once we start streaming, you should be able to see it at this link: or on our landing page of 
The opening joint session is scheduled to start at 09:30 on Friday. 
The Memorial Service will not be streamed out of respect for the families.
The convention will resume at 0900 on Saturday.
If you cannot join us in person, join us online!!
Once we start streaming we ask that you share to your Detachment and other pages.
I wish to acknowledge Marine Victoria McCoy, Department of Pennsylvania Public Affairs' Committee/National Headquarters Public Affairs Committee for pointing me in the right direction and provided some valuable tips and information. 
We look forward to your feedback on the live stream. You can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..







Department Commandants Message


Members and Marines of the Department of New York,


As we approach this weekend, this weekend of Memorial Day, let us look back to those who came before and remember that Armed Forces day is for those currently in uniform, Veterans day is for those who wore the uniform, and this weekend, Memorial day is for all those who never had to chance to take it off.


Maybe we knew some, maybe we didn't, maybe we saw or heard of some who never returned. Memories you'll never forget.


Forget the sales, the parties and even the day off from work. Think about them, our Brothers and Sisters who gave all.


Lastly, ask your friends, your family, your co-workers and so on to please not wish you a happy Memorial day because there is nothing happy about it.


Be well, be safe and remember.

Thomas Wortmann


 Email Scam



Commandant Wortmann has reported that someone is "Spoofing" his name and sending emails to his contacts, requesting that he needs money, gift cards, or similar things. He is not requesting this, and if you note, the email is not coming from his email address (look at the email address). Please disregard these requests. If its not his email address, then it is a phony.





Updated Convention Information



To All Department of New York Convention Attendee's:


By order of Commandant Wortmann, there has been a change to the Uniform of the day for the Convention. The information below replaces what is on the bottom of the current Convention Agenda. Here is the new Uniform of the Day:


Uniform of the Day: Marine Corps League cover is the only required uniform item for the membership.


Joint Opening Session: White MCL Uniform Shirts with Black or Blue Uniform Trousers, Black Shoes, Marine Corps League Cover


Memorial Service: White MCL Uniform Shirts with Black or Blue Uniform Trousers, Black Shoes, Marine Corps League Cover


Department Staff: White MCL Uniform Shirts with Black or Blue Uniform Trousers, Black Shoes, Marine Corps League Cover


Banquet: Marine Corps League Red Blazer, Black Trousers, Black Shoes; Civilian – Business Attire; Military – Class “A” or Dress Blues




Embassy Suites Informational Updates


Breakfast: The hotel will be going from "grab & go" to a hot breakfast as of 1 June 1st.

Manager's Reception: The reception will be going on in the evening Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 7pm.


Embassy Suites COVID-19 Updates

1) Face Masks: As 19 May, guests will no longer have to wear them. The Embassy Suites ask if that guests that are not vaccinated, that you wear face coverings, however, they cannot ask for proof of being vaccinated.


2) At the bar/manager's reception- we had to ask our guests to order food if they were getting drinks--this is no longer required.



As updated information becomes available, I will send out another update.





If you need a special diet, please let the Adjutant know and he will pass it along to the Caterer's. Please email your special dietary requirements to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


If you want to attend the Department Convention and have not yet made a reservation, you can still do so, based on room availability. Reservations made after May 1st, up to 3pm on the Friday of the convention, our Embassy Suites contact, Paula DeTran stated that she will assist you (and if there are rooms available, get the group rate), what she cannot guarantee is if there area any rooms available in the hotel. After 1 May, any un-booked rooms in our block will be released back into inventory. For reservations made after 1 May 2021, please contact Paula directly, either by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or her direct dial phone number at 315-703-9107.

Marine of the Year Nominations- The deadline is today. Your package must be post marked by 27 May 2021! Nominate that outstanding Marine in your Detachment!


Don't forget to submit your advance registration for the Convention! Save $2 per Marine if you pre-register!! Today is also the deadline. Your advanced registration must be post marked by the 27 May 201 to receive the advance registration price.


Call To Convention


The Marine Corps League Department of New York’s 90th Annual Convention will be held at the Embassy Suites by Hilton, located at 6646 Old Collamer Road South, East Syracuse, New York 13057 from 10 June 2021 to 13 June 2021. All reservations should be made with the hotel by calling (315) 446 – 3200 and use group code ACM, or you can book your reservation online using this link:
The room rate is $101.00 per night. The group rate may be extended three days before and three days after the official meeting dates, subject to space availability. To receive the guaranteed room rate, your reservation MUST be made by 1 May 2021. 
We are recommending that Detachments register their delegates in advance. The advance registration rate is five ($5.00) dollars and must be postmarked by 27 May 2021, otherwise the registration fee per person is seven ($7.00) dollars. 
The entire Convention packet will be available on the Department Web site at or click here to download it now.. The convention packet will include: 
• Commandant Wortmann’s Call for Convention invitation
• Adjutant's Memorandum
• Convention Credential Chairman Tina Olsen Memorandum
• Convention Delegates Registration Form
• Banquet Menu and RSVP Form
• 8th Annual Foundation Golf Tournament Registration and Sponsor Form 
• Convention Ad Journal Form
• Convention Agenda
All electronic versions of the forms can be filled out on your computer.
Bring recognition to your Detachment, business, and/or organization by placing an Ad in our Journal. Do you play golf? Come out and join the Golf Tournament and support the New York Marine Corps League Foundation. If you don’t play golf, how about having your Detachment, business and/or organization sponsor a hole!
We encourage all Detachments to participate in all aspects of the convention. We would love to see you see you there. The convention is conveniently located. Join together in camaraderie and fellowship for the purpose of preserving the traditions and promoting the interests of the United States Marine Corps.
Be a part of it, its your League!


Memorial Service for PDC William McGowan


Mrs. Sharon McGowan has announced the date for the memorial service for Department Past Commandant William McGowan. It will be held on 23 July 2021 at 10:30am at Saratoga National Cemetery. PDC Rev. Ricardo Sheppard will be in attendance to perform the MCL ritual. Sr. Vice Commandant Thomas Arcuri would like to see a good turnout by the Department.


The Cemetery is in close proximity to the Albany / Troy area. PDC Forbes will be coordinating the color guard.


Department of New York Marine of the Year


Once again, the Department of New York encourages Detachments to nominate that outstanding Marine for Department Marine of the Year. A copy of the rules for Marine of the Year can be downloaded from the Department web site.


All submissions must be addressed and mailed to the Department of New York Adjutant. It must be post marked no later than 15 days prior to the opening date of the Department of New York Convention (26 May 2021).


Submissions to be mailed to:

Marine Corps League
Attention: Marine of The Year Committee
PO Box 360
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706-0360


Marine Corps League License Plates 


The New York Marine Corps License Plates forms have been updated and now available on the Department of New York Web Site.


• MCL License Plate Form (DoNY-MCLPA-REV.


• NY State Department of Motor Vehicles Form CP-30 (9/20)



Department of New York

Spring Meeting -REMINDER!



The Department of New York will be holding it's Spring Meeting on 16-17 April 2021 at the Crowne Plaza Suffern-Mahwah, located at Three Executive Boulevard, Suffern, NY 10901.


The room rate is $115.00 a night. You can book your reservation by calling the hotel at 845-357-4800, and use the group code of "MDL" You can also book your reservation online using this link: Once on this page loads, select 16 April 2021 and then click search. The room options, and group rate will be applied. To get the group rate, all reservations MUST be made on or before 26 March 2021.


The agenda is now available for up coming Spring Meeting.

It will also be posted to the Department web site at


Message from the National Commandant




1 - We are now printing our membership cards in house, so by leaving off the expiration date. Cards are good for life, we no longer have to print for existing members, only for new members, transfers and new life members, that cuts our card printing down to around 10,000 or less every year from around 30,000.


2 - Anyone who wishes to order a replacement card or just wants the new plastic can order from our website,


3 - We are currently trying to get the company to list the expiration dates in the portal with the members name and info.  


4 - All Detachment paymasters have access to the portal to verify anyone of their members. If they have been delinquent for a long period of time their name will drop off the portal page.


5 - If you have a visiting member from out of area, the fastest way to verify (if you need to) is to contact his/her Detachment paymaster or Commandant.


6 - We are now using an old but tried and true way of mailing out membership cards, they are going directly to the Detachment paymasters, this avoids having to deal with returns due to bad addresses. Hand them out at your meetings, it will also get members at your meetings, contact them and let them know you have their card, if they want it they can go to a meeting and have it presented to them.


Thanks for your support

Semper Fi,


Dennis Tobin

National Commandant 



Department of New York Spring Meeting




The Department of New York will be holding it's Spring Meeting on 16-17 April 2021 at the Crowne Plaza Suffern-Mahwah, located at Three Executive Boulevard, Suffern, NY 10901.


The room rate is $115.00 a night. You can book your reservation by calling the hotel at 845-357-4800, and use the group code of "MDL" You can also book your reservation online using this link:

Once on this page loads, select 16 April 2021 and then click search. The room options, and group rate will be applied. To get the group rate, all reservations MUST be made on or before 26 March 2021.

The agenda will be published at a later date.

National Mid-Winter Conference

Division Vices, Dept. Commandants, and PNC's


For anyone that does not have one, I have attached a copy of the 

virtual agenda. There will be a zoom Commandants council and BOT's meeting.


There will also be some live Facebook viewings. I would like to get as many members on and involved as possible, one way to accomplish that would be If Division Vices not traveling and Department and/or Detachment Commandants and PNC's if possible could pull together a group and join the zoom as a group and the same for the Facebook sessions for those that do not have Facebook. Maybe you have members that live close to one another get together for a few of the virtual sessions.


Make the flow of information a little more fluid.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.

Semper Fi

Dennis Tobin

National Commandant

Attachment: National Mid-Winter Conference Alternate Plan


Department of New York 90th Annual Convention

Save The Date


The Marine Corps League - Department of New York 90th Annual Convention is tentatively set for June 10, 11, 12 at the Embassy Suites in East Syracuse, New York. Commandant Wortmann has announced that the banquet will be on the Saturday night of the Convention. Additional details will be released as information becomes available.


National Convention




Monday, August 9th through Friday, August 13, 2021

Wyndham Springfield City Centre

700 E. Adams St., Springfield, Illinois 62701


For complete details please visit the local convention committee website at:


To: Northeast Division Staff, Departments, Detachments, Packs,
Pounds and Auxiliary Units
From: Northeast Division Vice Commandant
Subject: Northeast Division Conference
Date: January 31, 2021
This year’s Division Conference will be held on April 23rd and 24th at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg/Hershey I-81 located at 604 Station Road, Grantville, PA 17028.
Hotel reservations can be made by calling the hotel at (717) 469-1554. Please state that you are with the Marine Corps League when calling. Room Rates are $117.00 for one King Bed or two Double Beds and these are non-smoking rates. Rates are subject to Pennsylvania Sales and Occupancy Taxes. If you have special needs, please let the hotel know and they will try to accommodate you. If you have a PA Exemption Certificate, please present it to the hotel while checking in. 
Cutoff date for reservations is March 23, 2021.
We will be having a Buffet Banquet on Saturday with entrées of Sliced London Broil, Chicken Piccata and Grilled Salmon with Mango Salsa. The cost will be $40.00 per person.
We encourage everyone to support our Division fundraiser, the Northeast Division Conference Ad Book. Prices are full page $100.00, half page $60.00 and quarter page $40.00. Proceeds support the Division and various charities as determined by the conference attendees.
Forward all ads, registrations, and banquet reservations according to the contact information on the bottom of all forms. All receipts will be emailed, please ensure the email address provided is legible and accurate.
As with many of the League functions at this time of COVID-19 we will be monitoring the Commonwealth regulations and restrictions and will make every effort to make a Go/No Go decision in plenty of time so that members can make appropriate plans.  
All forms can be found on the Northeast Division Website:
Adjutants Note: For convenience, PDF versions of this letter, the Ad Journal Form and the pre-registration/banquet RSVP form are linked in this message.






Department of New York Marine of the Year


Once again, the Department of New York encourages Detachments to nominate that outstanding Marine for Department Marine of the Year. 

A copy of the rules for Marine of the Year can be downloaded from the Department web site


Detachment Emergency Election Procedures

The Department is in receipt of newly issued Detachment Emergency Election Procedures from National Sr. Vice Commandant Johnny Baker, which announces the National Board of Trustees' policies on the Detachments Emergency Election Procedures (EEP) in the event that any Detachment cannot have a face-to-face meeting, due to COVID-19 restrictions in their local cities or states.


The Detachment Emergency Election Procedures can be downloaded from the Member Library section of the Marine Corps League Library:


We encourage all Detachment Commandants to download and familiarize yourself with these procedures. This Emergency Election Procedure expires on 15 May 2021.



 A Message from National Commandant Dennis Tobin

To; Detachment Commandants, Paymasters, and membership

From; National Commandant, Dennis Tobin

Subject; current Issues.




First, everyone needs to calm down and relax, I understand the frustration by members waiting to receive membership cards, checks cashed, transmittals returned. National Headquarters is working under some very trying conditions. Covid restrictions are still in effect especially in Virginia. So, I will try and explain some issues and hopefully ease some tensions and some unwanted emails and phone calls to Hdq’s.


1- Mid Winter conference— We cannot rush into a no/go decision without it costing us thousands of dollars, we have contractual issues. Currently we are working closely with the Hotel. We are waiting on the Governor to adjust or not adjust the current restrictions in Virginia. Currently it stands at no more than 10 persons at a meeting. The Board of Trustees has another Zoom meeting scheduled for 2 Feb. to discuss the conference again. IF there is any way to hold a face to face conference we will.


2—Transmittals and membership cards,

a) Currently Hdq’s staff is working on transmittals received as of this past Monday, dated, December, November, October, September, August, and even July, again please take note that these were just received at Headquarters on Monday

b) Membership Cards—Printing of the cards is a slow process. working the transmittals is not once we have them. During the months of Nov, Dec and Jan there were major slow downs in the postal system.

c) Gold Cards, 1/2 half been processed and there are currently 600 at the printer, they were on the December transmittals and went to the printer as a Jan. order.

d) Checks— under a new system, checks are deposited as soon as they are received, a form is then filled out with the check info and stapled to the transmittal identifying the check.


3—Where is the roster? right in front of you, its in the database for all Detachment and Department paymasters to look at and print out if needed. there is going to be a time ( very soon ) when the only roster coming from National will be the one for voting strength for the convention.

All Detachment and Department paymaster must learn to us the database portal for their needed info.


4— How to use the portal, there are directions posted on the members library on the National website. If you have a problem COO Bob Borka stands ready and willing to talk you through it.


Please read and understand that our staff is working hard for you under strict conditions.


Please, avoid nasty phone calls and emails to National Headquarters.

go through your chain of command for answers and help.


Last but not least remember we are still under COVID RESTRICTIONS, SLOW DOWNS AND EVEN SHUTDOWNS.


When calling Headquarters, Please be RESPECTFUL!!!!!!!!!!


Semper Fi

Dennis Tobin

National Commandant








Department of New York Mid-Winter Meeting Cancelled



Due to the insufficient projected attendance to be able to make a quorum, the Department has cancelled the Mid-Winter Staff Meeting that was to occur on 15-16 January 2021. If you have made a reservation with the hotel, please remember to cancel it.


SAVE THE DATE: The Spring Department Meeting has been scheduled for 16-17 April 2021. Additional information to follow.




In light of yesterday's events at the Capitol, I want to remind all our members that as per our charter and by-laws we are a non-political organization. That means, we do not discuss politics at our meetings, events or functions or anywhere the Marine Corps League is represented. This includes all Marine Corps League social media sites, to include, National, Department, and Detachment level social media sites.


You are free to discuss anything you wish on your personal social media sites, and anywhere the Marine Corps League is not represented. Our public relations people are aware of the situation and will remove any political comments or discussions, and if necessary block people from Marine Corps League sites. Please keep your comments and discussions to your personal social media sites. We respect everyone's opinion and freedom of speech as long as it does not draw attention to the Marine Corps League.


Semper Fidelis
Dennis Tobin
National Commandant
Marine Corps League


Vaccination update from Department Commandant Wortman


Marines and members of the Department of New York,


I have received word from various New York Veterans groups that the VA's center state wide that were on the list to receive the vaccine are finally getting it. Two locations in New York City now have it, please check with your main VA center to see if they have also started to receive the vaccine.


There may or may not be a list but it does not hurt to check with your primary VA doctor. I was told by the VA that there was no list, yet three fellow NY veterans told me there was so I went back to my primaries nurse and she said "Technically there is no list but we are keeping a list of those veterans who asked for it" Marines, I strongly suggest, you ask for it.


If you are not in the VA system, I strongly suggest you get in it and use it from time to time. Don't let anyone, including the VA tell you that you are not eligible. If you served on active duty, you are eligible. In the long run this will be very beneficial to you. Even if you only get one flu shot a year, that keeps you on the active list.


Meanwhile stay safe. Wear a mask in public, wash your hands and keep away from strangers. Remember that 90% of our membership is over 65, some over 75 so just be careful and not foolish, you can only harm yourself or your loved ones.


I hope to see you at the staff meeting in Suffern. Wear a mask, and we will have hand sanitizer available. If you do not feel safe and do not wish to attend, we totally understand.


Semper Fi.

Tom Wortmann
Marine Corps League-Department of New York