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Department of New York Marine of the Year


Once again, the Department of New York encourages Detachments to nominate that outstanding Marine for Department Marine of the Year. 

A copy of the rules for Marine of the Year can be downloaded from the Department web site


Detachment Emergency Election Procedures

The Department is in receipt of newly issued Detachment Emergency Election Procedures from National Sr. Vice Commandant Johnny Baker, which announces the National Board of Trustees' policies on the Detachments Emergency Election Procedures (EEP) in the event that any Detachment cannot have a face-to-face meeting, due to COVID-19 restrictions in their local cities or states.


The Detachment Emergency Election Procedures can be downloaded from the Member Library section of the Marine Corps League Library:


We encourage all Detachment Commandants to download and familiarize yourself with these procedures. This Emergency Election Procedure expires on 15 May 2021.



 A Message from National Commandant Dennis Tobin

To; Detachment Commandants, Paymasters, and membership

From; National Commandant, Dennis Tobin

Subject; current Issues.




First, everyone needs to calm down and relax, I understand the frustration by members waiting to receive membership cards, checks cashed, transmittals returned. National Headquarters is working under some very trying conditions. Covid restrictions are still in effect especially in Virginia. So, I will try and explain some issues and hopefully ease some tensions and some unwanted emails and phone calls to Hdq’s.


1- Mid Winter conference— We cannot rush into a no/go decision without it costing us thousands of dollars, we have contractual issues. Currently we are working closely with the Hotel. We are waiting on the Governor to adjust or not adjust the current restrictions in Virginia. Currently it stands at no more than 10 persons at a meeting. The Board of Trustees has another Zoom meeting scheduled for 2 Feb. to discuss the conference again. IF there is any way to hold a face to face conference we will.


2—Transmittals and membership cards,

a) Currently Hdq’s staff is working on transmittals received as of this past Monday, dated, December, November, October, September, August, and even July, again please take note that these were just received at Headquarters on Monday

b) Membership Cards—Printing of the cards is a slow process. working the transmittals is not once we have them. During the months of Nov, Dec and Jan there were major slow downs in the postal system.

c) Gold Cards, 1/2 half been processed and there are currently 600 at the printer, they were on the December transmittals and went to the printer as a Jan. order.

d) Checks— under a new system, checks are deposited as soon as they are received, a form is then filled out with the check info and stapled to the transmittal identifying the check.


3—Where is the roster? right in front of you, its in the database for all Detachment and Department paymasters to look at and print out if needed. there is going to be a time ( very soon ) when the only roster coming from National will be the one for voting strength for the convention.

All Detachment and Department paymaster must learn to us the database portal for their needed info.


4— How to use the portal, there are directions posted on the members library on the National website. If you have a problem COO Bob Borka stands ready and willing to talk you through it.


Please read and understand that our staff is working hard for you under strict conditions.


Please, avoid nasty phone calls and emails to National Headquarters.

go through your chain of command for answers and help.


Last but not least remember we are still under COVID RESTRICTIONS, SLOW DOWNS AND EVEN SHUTDOWNS.


When calling Headquarters, Please be RESPECTFUL!!!!!!!!!!


Semper Fi

Dennis Tobin

National Commandant








Department of New York Mid-Winter Meeting Cancelled



Due to the insufficient projected attendance to be able to make a quorum, the Department has cancelled the Mid-Winter Staff Meeting that was to occur on 15-16 January 2021. If you have made a reservation with the hotel, please remember to cancel it.


SAVE THE DATE: The Spring Department Meeting has been scheduled for 16-17 April 2021. Additional information to follow.




In light of yesterday's events at the Capitol, I want to remind all our members that as per our charter and by-laws we are a non-political organization. That means, we do not discuss politics at our meetings, events or functions or anywhere the Marine Corps League is represented. This includes all Marine Corps League social media sites, to include, National, Department, and Detachment level social media sites.


You are free to discuss anything you wish on your personal social media sites, and anywhere the Marine Corps League is not represented. Our public relations people are aware of the situation and will remove any political comments or discussions, and if necessary block people from Marine Corps League sites. Please keep your comments and discussions to your personal social media sites. We respect everyone's opinion and freedom of speech as long as it does not draw attention to the Marine Corps League.


Semper Fidelis
Dennis Tobin
National Commandant
Marine Corps League


Vaccination update from Department Commandant Wortman


Marines and members of the Department of New York,


I have received word from various New York Veterans groups that the VA's center state wide that were on the list to receive the vaccine are finally getting it. Two locations in New York City now have it, please check with your main VA center to see if they have also started to receive the vaccine.


There may or may not be a list but it does not hurt to check with your primary VA doctor. I was told by the VA that there was no list, yet three fellow NY veterans told me there was so I went back to my primaries nurse and she said "Technically there is no list but we are keeping a list of those veterans who asked for it" Marines, I strongly suggest, you ask for it.


If you are not in the VA system, I strongly suggest you get in it and use it from time to time. Don't let anyone, including the VA tell you that you are not eligible. If you served on active duty, you are eligible. In the long run this will be very beneficial to you. Even if you only get one flu shot a year, that keeps you on the active list.


Meanwhile stay safe. Wear a mask in public, wash your hands and keep away from strangers. Remember that 90% of our membership is over 65, some over 75 so just be careful and not foolish, you can only harm yourself or your loved ones.


I hope to see you at the staff meeting in Suffern. Wear a mask, and we will have hand sanitizer available. If you do not feel safe and do not wish to attend, we totally understand.


Semper Fi.

Tom Wortmann
Marine Corps League-Department of New York